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7 Foods That Can Make Healthy Sperm

You want to get pregnant or have a fast descent? If that's what you want then make sure your partner has a healthy sperm. One of the best ways for a man or your partner has a good sperm quality and healthy is to get used to eating the right foods.

According to nutrition experts and renowned food nutrition who also became a principal adviser at the American Council for Fitness and Nutrition, Dr. Keith-Thomas Ayoob, proper food is quite good food and appropriate for cardiac health and can make the blood flow remains smooth. And one of the important factors for premature ejaculation does not occur is the presence of adequate blood flow smoothly.

7 Foods That Can Make Healthy Sperm
"The core of the effort to prevent the occurrence of premature ejaculation is to maintain blood flow smoothly," says Ayoob. "And so a man can do that, then of course he must have pretty low blood pressure and major arteries are not clogged or blockage in the arteries," he added.

Here are 7 Foods That Can Make Healthy Sperm:

The flesh of the salmon is one kind of meat that is rich in omega-3 content of meat and salmon also contains many proteins that have a function not only makes the sperm more powerful, but also can make Sgt swim faster and more agile.

Clinically watermelon is very good to make the sperm more powerful and faster while swimming.

The fruit of this one is also one of the fruit is very rich in lycopene content in it, which means the fruit is rich in antioxidants. Lycopene has been shown to improve and always maintain a healthy prostate. From the results of several studies and also studies that show long enough that the substance lycopene may decrease and can also cope with prostate cancer risk. "And when the state of the prostate is healthy enough to be able to produce sperm strong and resilient," said Ayoob.

Low-Fat Milk or Yogurt
Milk and yogurt contain substances known to a lot of calcium and potassium are also of substances that is required by the body. Because of these two substances were indeed able to maintain and balance the state in order to keep normal blood pressure and make blood flow in arteries more smoothly.

Give fruit
All kinds of berries (any color) are very rich in antioxidant content. These berries have a main function as preventing damage to the arteries. And if we have a pretty healthy arteries, the blood flow would be able to remain normal, and the direct connection of course the production of healthy sperm will not be disturbed.

"All kinds of nuts is one of a very rich source of minerals," said Ayoob.

Just like all kinds of beans as described above, foods that contain wheat or food grains is the main ingredient is a pretty good food for the body because it can lower cholesterol levels in the body.

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