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5 Best Food to Increase Blood

Do not underestimate or making light of the problem of your body that is suffering from blood deficiency or anemia. Especially for women who are pregnant or women who are on a diet. Usually the rate of decline of blood becomes greater because not many get nutrition. Red blood cells in the body (hemoglobin) was instrumental to the health of the body, because the function of the blood that transports nutrients and oxygen to be circulated throughout the body. That is why if the lack of blood in the body or commonly referred to as the degree of anemia can interfere with the activities and symptoms can initially be seen as weak, lethargic and feel tired.

5 Best Food to Increase Blood

If a pregnant woman is experiencing shortage of hemoglobin, do not rush to drink blood booster supplements are widely sold in the market. As a first step which is good enough to overcome the lack of blood body condition, you can choose the way that is safe for the fetus is by eating healthy food that can increase hemoglobin in the body. As quoted from the Health Me Up, here are 5 Best Food to Increase Blood.

1. Meat
Meat from any animal shown to increase hemoglobin and is very rich in iron. Furthermore, meat is one of the food quite easily absorbed by the intestines or cause the digestive process to be blocked. However, do not overdo it if you eat meat because it can make more berrisiko or more prone to heart attacks. Eat regularly perpetually low-fat meats combined with a balanced diet.

2. Vegetable
Vegetables is one of the Healthy Food Replenish Blood is excellent for pregnant women. However, not all types of vegetables can reduce or alleviate anemia. Vegetables blood booster can be in spinach, sweet potatoes, green peas, lentils, cabbage, turnips, potatoes, broccoli and mustard greens are still fresh. And of the many types of fresh greens, yams are the best natural remedy to enhance or increase the number of red blood cells.

3. Fruits
Fruits are still fresh as raisins, prunes, apples, grapes and melon fruit, not only can increase blood flow, but also has other functions that can increase the number of red blood cells.

4. Almonds
Several types of nuts such as almonds contained in it can overcome the shortage of blood in pregnant women. 1 ounce of almonds are consumed on a daily basis will be able to provide 6 percent of iron into the body. In addition, the price of almonds are usually relatively cheaper than any kind of other nuts.

5. Bread, oatmeal, and cereal
The three types of Healthy food is proven to provide 20 percent of iron for pregnant women and nursing mothers if taken regularly every day.

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