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Foods that are good for Memory

Ability of memory each person will inevitably decline or naturally decreases with age someone is. If you begin to feel the forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating, it's good from now on to increase the consumption of foods that are natural. Such as tomatoes, watermelon seeds, or broccoli. Nutrients contained in it will keep your memory sharp maintained.

Disease since the beginning until now the most feared men is a sharp decline in brain function during late old age. One of which is Alzheimer's disease is very popular in America. This disease can weaken the memory by a very significant to someone who contracted the disease could not do anything - anything.

Foods that are good for Memory
There are a number of Food Memory Enhancer is recommended, to be eaten regularly and continuously so that memory is maintained properly.

Eat whole grain includes all processed products such as cereals, wheatbrand, and also quite delicious pasta wheat which will provide additional vital nutrients to the body such as vitamin B12 and B6 to function may improve and maintain memory. Can also be mnghindarkan risk of mild cognitive impairment that if left unchecked can develop into Alzheimer's disease.

Fish oil
Particular species of fish from the sea like mackarel, tuna, salmon, and other marine fish species has been shown to have an oil content of the source of omega3 fatty acids which are needed by the brain. In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, in the flesh of these fish also contain docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and iodine are very good for brain and neurological development in order to hone your memory is sharper.

According to the study of health experts from Tufts University and the Journal of Neuroscience some time ago, blueberry extract may help maintain and improve memory and brain function at all ages.

Tomato is a fruit that is rich in antioxidants lycopene and its main function may help protect the body against this type of damage caused by free radicals resulting from age or other factors.

The content of Vitamin C and some other essential minerals in Blackcurrent already known to have the power to improve and maintain mental agility in thinking. Able to keep the brain from toxins that attack comes from the environment or food, so that it can prevent or inhibit the occurrence of memory loss.

Pumpkin seeds pumpkin seeds
Derived and processed pumpkin seeds from pumpkin seeds contain zinc was indeed yangcukup many and very good to improve and maintain the sharpness of the brain and pikiranbagi everyone.

Broccoli is a source of vitamin K are relatively abundant, which is known to be very good vitamin to improve and maintain cognitive function in the brain and thinking ability.

According to information from the American Journal of Epidemiology published a few years ago, peanuts or peanut butter prepared from nuts that contain fats that are good for the development of immunity. In addition, within each bean is also a source of vitamin E is high enough that can keep the body not only of heart attacks but also can help improve the work system of the brain.

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